2018 Revenues: $15M YTD (Sep) | $22M Projected

2018 EBITDA: $1.4M YTD (Sep)  | $1.8M Projected

Company Overview

The Company is located on the West Coast, is a full service contracting and fixture installation company, specializing in remodeling of retail establishments, recently focusing on the grocery market. The Company’s capabilities include design, fixture installation, light fabrication, remodeling, and complete construction of entire retail stores.  The Company’s ability to remodel retail stores while they stay open for business has secured the company’s position as a leading contractor in the retail construction industry.

The Company specializes in construction & installation services for:

• Major Retail and New Construction
• Building Repurposing
• Finish Cabinetry
• Fixture fabrication and assembly
• Stockroom Fixtures and Racking


Industry Overview

The U.S. supermarket and grocery retail segment is more than $600B in annual revenue. These retailers are investing billions in upgrading, modernizing and re-formatting their stores to better attract customers.

Company Highlights

• The Company has increased revenue more than 50% since 2016 revenues
• Company has certain trades in-house to better control quality and customization
• Extensive experience in retail grocery and other specialty retail
• Clients include many large, recognized brands
• Company contracts directly with retailer

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Stephen Carney

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