Capital Solutions – Funding Investment, Maintaining Flexibility

As a long-standing participant in the M&A arena, Plethora has established relationships with numerous sources of capital, including commercial banks, senior credit providers, mezzanine funds, hybrid funds and equity investors. Minority recapitalizations and leveraged buyouts are our specialty. We help our client’s access capital to expand operations, enter new markets and acquire businesses with a healthy and logical mix of debt and equity.

Regardless of the situation, we find the single common thread among borrowers is the need for flexible capital. Banks and other investors are often ready to provide equity or debt infusion, but we find entities which are really able to understand the Company, the inherent ebbs and flows of revenues and cash cycles are best suited to be your financial partner.

When the time arises and you are in need of capital for growth, look to Plethora to help source the right financial partner that understands what you do and where you are headed.