“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”  -Patton

Plethora Businesses guides you through planning, preparation and implementation of your eventual sale so that you may enjoy a successful, lucrative and smooth transition by:

  • Establishing a current market value through a certified appraisal
  • Effectively preparing your business for the rigors of transactional due diligence
  • Determining ways to eliminate post-sale liabilities
  • Identifying interested and qualified buyers
  • Confirming and documenting ownership, legal risk and compliance
  • Identifying third party consent requirements – government and other
  • Identifying and eliminating potential roadblocks and common issues encountered in a transaction

Your business oftentimes represents your livelihood, years of dedication, and hard work. You have a financial goal in mind for your future and selling your business may be the final milestone in obtaining the lifestyle you deserve.

Although you may not intend to sell your business this year, or even in the next three years, it is never too early to meet with Plethora Businesses to develop your exit strategy. Many of our completed Sell-side transactions are from initial discussions that originated years ago. If time is on your side, take advantage of this opportunity.

A Pre-Sale Review with Plethora will help you focus on the key “red-flags” that can derail a transaction or drag things out to a point where fatigue and frustration leads to a deal that dies on the vine. Also, we have found these red flags may arise in diligence after a Letter of Intent is signed, leading to an opportunity for the purchaser to renegotiate or “re trade” the deal.

Examples of a Plethora Review include:

  • Strength of financials- trends and peer comparison of benchmark ratios, financial irregularities
  • Customer analysis- depth, breadth, diversification, and opportunity
  • Vendor analysis- sole source risk, currency fluctuations, political risk from foreign governments
  • Management team assessment
  • Confirming and documenting ownership, legal risk and compliance
  • Identifying third party consent requirements – government and other
  • Growth- understanding the path for growth and effectively conveying such path to the purchaser

Each business is different and each has its own set of challenges, risks and opportunities. By investing time into these core areas, you will have the upper hand when you decide to go to market. Remember, developing an exit strategy is a complex process. The earlier you start planning, the easier it will be to address and eliminate potential roadblocks, turn your weaknesses into strengths, and focus on areas of your business that will increase future value.

Let Plethora help you by establishing a benchmark of value today and formulating a plan to help make your eventual exit a successful and rewarding experience.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your business plans and objectives, call us at (714)255-8862 or provide us with your contact information and a business sales consultant will contact you.